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There’s never a dull moment at Colonial Heights. We have so many things to do…trips, cornhole, lunch trips, card games, live music….time flies at Colonial Heights!
J. D.
Colonial Heights means “independent living”. This motto means the world to people who are fearful of becoming dependent on someone else; be it children or other family members. My husband passed away six month after we moved here. The staff, neighbors, and workers were so kind and considerate during this time, I decided to stay on. I have now lived here seven and one-half years. I have no regrets: in fact, I call Colonial Heights my home and truly enjoy all the amenities if has to offer. I also feel safe. I love this place!!
V. C.
I have resided at Colonial Heights for six years and I heartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an independent living facility. Apartments range in size from studio to two bedrooms. Their cost is significantly lower than similar facilities in this area. For example, mine is $1,000 a month less than I paid for a much smaller apartment with fewer amenities at another place. Best of all are the nice people employed here. They will assist you as needed without being intrusive and best of all they regard your apartment as your home and respect your privacy. I enjoy my life here.
P. M.
I came here from Iowa. One of my sons lives in this area; he found Colonial Heights for me. It was much less expensive than others I had looked at back home. It was different for me to live in a place like this. I was concerned fro a little while, and then someone learned I played Bridge. Aha!! I found out I was needed. It was at the card table I met new friends. And that was when I began to fit in. I began to get involved in things. They discovered I played the piano, to I was again needed. Colonial Heights feels like home now. There are many people here that I love including several of the employees. I guess I’ll stay here for awhile.
D. H.
My thoughts about Colonial Heights are very pleasant. I enjoy living here. Peaceful environment, caring people, good food, nice people. Everything needed right here inside the building. Living here makes my life easier with all that helps with our needs. It is very handy for me because of location to the grocery store, pharmacy, doctors, etc. It’s much easier and better for us because we get 3 meals a day already prepared. Our laundry is done weekly and apartment is cleaned weekly. We are very happy we moved here and some of our neighbors have moved here and some are waiting to move here as they get older and heed this kind of help. I would say to anyone who is thinking of moving to Colonial Heights or Gardens, you will surely enjoy yourself with all the activities and the wellness room. It’s a great place to live when you need help as you move to another stage in your life.
C. M.
The freedom of responsibility, like the housekeeping and going to the dining room for meals. We are happy we made the decision to sell our home and move here. It’s comfortable living, the residents are friendly and staff are friendly and helpful. We never feel alone. There is always some event to attend or activity to enjoy, from Bingo to church services.
A. R.
I am delighted to have found a place like Colonial Heights to live, so comfortable and peaceful, probably for the rest of my life. I’ll soon be 86 years old and I’ve been at Colonial Heights for 5 years. I have met a lot of nice people and the staff who keeps it going are all so compassionate towards us seniors. I give every person I meet a big welcome. I’ve told several people about Colonial Heights and Gardens. We have a wonderful Activities Director who tries to keep us busy and active if we are able. My spiritual life is great as there are numerous pastors of different churches close by who comes to share the word of God with us. Lot of spiritual entertainers comes to perform for us, which I enjoy. I’m a Christian “Baptist” by faith. I try to pass my experiences of my life here with others. In five years I’ve come a long way as I was lonely and depressed but now I’m very happy at Colonial Heights and Gardens. God bless.
L. T.
If anyone thinks about moving here and thinks it’s expensive, stop to consider there is no extra expense like electric bills, water bills, taxes, etc. The employees treat you like family and if you need help with anything there is always someone willing to help. There are activities galore and something available for you to do whenever you like. There no reason to ever be bored. I think laughter, dancing, and hugs are the most important things in life and I try to tell jokes and keep people laughing. I love to dance and hug everyone who is receptive. You can feel secure here. If you need caregiving services , it’s available at Colonial Gardens. I can’t think of any place that could have anything more than we offer. You feel secure here. I have never felt unsafe here. In addition, it is great to not have the extra expense of utilities and cable TV.
L. O.
"I wouldn’t go any place else" I’ve been several places because of my stroke and I wouldn’t want to be anyplace else. Everything is just great!
A. K.
My brother and his wife lived here at Colonial Heights in the late 1980’s then moved to Florida and back here again in the 1990s. They were the ones who encouraged me to move here. Plus, after touring the place, I made up my mind right away. I have been here for 10 years this coming October, and have loved every minute of it. I would recommend it to anyone, as I have been very happy and content here. I have never been sorry I sold my home, as I now have no worries about maintenance, upkeep, and taxes, etc. We are offered a variety of options for the meals, and so much entertainment that you can’t get bored. If you prefer a more quiet time, you can always just go to your apartment. Of course, the Wellness Center is my personal preference, and I use it every day. As I am diabetic, the exercise and diet has kept me off medication for control of the diabetes. I hope to spend the rest of my time here on earth here at Colonial Heights.
I am a resident of Colonial Heights for ten years. I knew I would like it here because my brother-in-law and a friend highly recommend it. I can honestly say I have never regretted moving here. The staff and workers are all friendly and helpful in every way. There is so much to do that there is no reason to be bored. I can do as much or as little as I feel like doing. My daughters say it is a big relief to them knowing I am taken care of.
I like living here. I enjoy cornhole, Bingo, shopping trips and volleyball. I love taking walks around our place and having places to sit and visit.
I have no complaints about anything and I’ve lived here 11 years! I mean that! I would have moved if it was otherwise. What I like best is that they keep it nice and clean and we have decent food. I enjoy everything!
Moving into Colonial Heights was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I don’t have to cut grass, shovel snow, clean gutters, cook for one person, stare at 4 walls by myself, clean bathroom and kitchens. This is a great place to live, the staff is “WONDERFUL” and they all get along with each other, they will do anything (within reason) for you. This building and grounds are kept in good condition, always clean. I am proud to say I live at Colonial Heights. There are always activities if you want something to do or maybe you want to stay in your apartment and be alone – you are free to do whatever you want.
My husband likes not having property taxes to pay, no extra charges for replacing or repairing appliances, routine painting, general upkeep, repairs, weekly cleaning, etc. I like a feeling of security, a place with Christian values, not having to call on family for shopping, errands, small repairs, etc. I also appreciate the fact that the staff is very helpful and caring. We also like being served nutritious and tasty meals in a pleasant and clean dining room. We have many pleasant neighbors and new friends, church services for those who are “house bound” and entertainment (including card games) even when the weather would have kept us at home, etc. As I tell everyone – what’s not to like? Our son calls Colonial Heights "the Resort".
I feel at home here. Living here makes my life better because at my age I don’t have to do all the normal work I had to do around the house. I’m happy here. If you’re thinking about moving here you should come inspect it and look around. I think the staff is outstanding and employees are outstanding. They’re here to serve and they do serve. Everyone is very friendly here. I still stay busy with my church but there are plenty of things to do here.
I find it a very nice place to live and enjoy it very much. I find all the services helpful and am glad I’m here.
I have lived at Colonial Heights for only a few months but already it feels like home. I knew no one when I moved here. One of the first things that really impressed me is that I was assigned a “greeter”. My friendly greeter welcomed me, presented me with a gift bag containing many useful items, plus a Hand Book explaining what I needed to know about my new home. My apartment is spacious, with a bay window overlooking a lovely courtyard. Colonial Heights is operated by a very friendly, professional staff – all ready and willing to be of help and answer any questions one might have. My children and grandchildren have all said, “Everyone seems happy here”. It’s true. All the residents are friendly and smiling. It’s a "happy" place to be.
My brother had visited many church friends in different communities and decided Colonial Heights was the only place he would recommend. When I finally agreed to come for a tour, I decided the 1 bedroom with a den was the one I wanted. When a first floor apartment came available, I signed the papers and moved in. I found out a former classmate lived here and I eat dinner with her and her husband. I really enjoy Social Hour on Thursdays with drinks and live entertainment. The staff is always so good. I was surprised that I started calling Colonial Heights "home" in just a few weeks. I love my apartment and especially enjoy having my favorite art pieces I collected over my lifetime of travels. "I find all of the staff to be so helpful and I never hesitate to ask a staff person a question".
Moving to Colonial Heights was my best ever decision. It’s convenient to everything and provides all the services and conveniences I could need. I appreciate the many, many conveniences and my family appreciates the wonderful staff that care for my wellbeing. "I am completely happy and satisfied".
I made my own decision to relocate here after living alone in my home for three plus years after my husband died. My adult children each toured here after the fact and all wholeheartedly approved and were grateful, I think, that the decision had been mine. After 15 months I still find Colonial Heights to be an attractive, comfortable, and well maintained residence situated on a love sprawling campus which is close to Florence Mall, grocery stores, pharmacies and the like. While I continue to drive myself, bussed transportation is provided for outings of all sorts. Friendly, competent and very helpful staff, most of which have been here for many years, make day to day living very pleasant. Somehow they come to know all of our names adding to the feeling of family. Planned activities are available on a daily basis and we are free to suggest and initiate new ones, i.e. our new Reading Theater. The Resident Council meets monthly to hear speakers and discuss any issues pertinent to daily living. Our residents themselves come from varied backgrounds and life experiences, which make for lively and interesting conversations. I love getting to know people.
I feel like the Lord led us here. We love Kentucky. It is a beautiful state and we have lots of relatives and friends here. We could not have chosen a better place than Colonial Heights. There are a variety of activities in which you can participate. We came back here from California, sight unseen, on the recommendation of my sister and our daughter-in-law and we have never been sorry. The staff and people here are all very friendly. They also help us out by having blood tests and other things here and it is very convenient. They also have a bus that takes you places when you can’t drive anymore. It is a perfect place to live in your later years. My husband and I celebrate 65 years of marriage in 2015 and are glad to be back where we started in Kentucky.
At 93 I lived alone in a fairly large condo. I decided to move to Colonial Heights. It took me about a month to get used to living here. Now, I would not want to move for anything. When I told two of my neighbors I was moving to Colonial Heights they both said they wanted to move here, also. Update: They both are living here now! They are happy to be here and we all like the food and the workers are very helpful. I never want to move out.
I made application to be accepted as a resident because I had heard compliments from families of previous residents who had lived here. Their compliments were all very complimentary. As I had spent most of my adult years in the health care delivery system as a department head or administrator, I frankly, had some skepticism and a “show me” attitude. Upon arrival, I was greeted in an assuring manner, shown the various departments, met department heads, and shown my recently renovated apartment. There were no promises made but I could sense that I would always be accepted with respect, dignity, and dedication. I have not been disappointed.
Living at Colonial Heights allows me to be more independent and more flexible. Living here allows me to have more balance in my meals, plus, I do not have to eat alone. I am with friends everyday. Living here allows me to have more activities: Line Dancing, Social Hour, Singing at Sing-along, Bingo, Church and Bible Study, Going out on the bus for lunch trips and grocery and mall shopping, we have corn hole and pool and we have a beauty shop, we have transportation to go to the doctor and hospital. We have special parties like a Kentucky Derby party. We also have a Kentucky Day Celebration. Thank you, RHF, for my home at Colonial Heights.
Living at Colonial Heights means a lot to me. First being able to help people. I work with the Resident Council, keeping notes on the meetings. I work on the Food Committee and Welcoming Committee. I feel safe at Colonial Heights and I have less worry. I have a wonderful social life. Colonial Heights is a great place for pets and for grandkids to visit. Colonial Heights means very much to my son and family because they are happy to know I am happy living here. I am content and have no desire to leave.
Colonial Heights is a wonderful place to live! Everything is done for you – great meals, many activities, excellent maintenance and housekeeping staff, transportation to essential places, etc. The staff is outstanding! I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a senior retirement home.
The building and grounds at Colonial Height provides a beautiful setting for those of us who live here. The courtyard, which has new sidewalks and patio lights, is picture perfect. Some residents walk around the courtyard in the morning and evening, stopping to visit with those of us who are sitting on our patios, what a friendly place!

My husband and I have been here 2 years and we have never felt lonely or bored because Yuvonne, our Activities Director, plans so many activities. Besides games, movies, weekly Social Hour and musical programs, the bus is always ready to roll to take us shopping, to area restaurants for lunch or sightseeing fun rides. And for those unable to attend their home church there is both a Protestant and Catholic service every Sunday. What more could we want?

Never have we been in a more loving or caring environment. The staff does everything possible to meet our needs and make us happy. Even Joey, our dog, feels loved. We wouldn't want to live anyplace else. When we feel we are where God wants us to be, we can't help but be content. And that is exactly the way we feel. We're so thankful for Colonial Heights.

Resident Testimonials
"There’s never a dull moment at Colonial Heights. We have so many things to do…trips, cornhole, lunch trips, card games, live music….time flies at Colonial Heights!" - B.S.

Wellness and Exercise
We encourage whole person wellness through a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual enrichment opportunities, as well as, physical movement through exercise.

Helping Hands
We have a dedicated group of residents who work together and separately to knit, crochet, and sew comfort items for several human services agencies in our area.
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